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The Committee of Good Will was founded on 12 April 1990 by Olga Havlová (1933-1996), the first wife of the president of the Czech Republic, in the spirit of the Charter 77 Committee for the Defence of the Unjustly Prosecuted. It's main aim is to defend the rights of people with physical disabilities and people who due to their long-term unfavorable health and social difficulties are not fully self-sufficient.

The foundation provides immediate assistance to the physically handicapped, sick people, the elderly and the abandoned. It supports local and international non-governmental non-profit organisations and hence promotes the development of the social and health sector, where everyone can contribute to the organization of public affairs. Not even in a democratic country one cannot solve all the problems.

The mission of the Committee of Good Will – Olga Havel Foundation is to help people who, because of their poor state of health or social standing, find it difficult to participate in society or cannot care for themselves without other people’s assistance. Through its activities, the Foundation aims to foster spiritual values and education, defend human rights and promote generally acknowledged humanitarian values.



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